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Keep Your Car Looking Pristine with Expert Dent Repair

Cars not kept in garages 24/7 are prone to damage from the outside elements. Paint can dull from UV ray exposure, rain can leave watermarks, and huge balls of hail can cause unsightly dings and dents.

However, hail damage comes in many forms. It’s important to know the different types of hail damage so that you can get your vehicle properly repaired.

The dent repair specialists at Westbahn Auto Service in Houston, Texas, are here to explain the four types of damages caused by hail.

Intact Paint with Cosmetic Damage

The most common and least severe type of damage hail can cause cosmetic damage with intact paint. These tiny, round dents don’t affect your paint or finish and only impact the surface of your vehicle. However, it can still affect your car’s appearance and lower its resale value. We recommend getting these small dents fixed right away.

Scratched Paint with Cosmetic Damage

Like it or not, hail can damage your car’s paint job. The hard balls of hail can scratch off the paint. This type of damage cannot be remediated with paintless dent repair services.

Intact Paint with Severe Damage

Large hail balls can dent your car’s surfaces and even shatter glass. The damage must be repaired whether it affects your vehicle’s internal or external features. Surface dents that did not damage the paint can be effortlessly repaired with paintless dent removal. However, internal damages must be addressed differently.

Scratched Paint with Severe Damage

The most extreme form of hail damage will negatively impact your car’s paint while leaving dings and dents. This kind of damage cannot be fixed with paintless dent repair. Moreover, your car might have suffered additional internal issues. Comprehensive auto repair services might be necessary.

If your vehicle was hit by hail and suffered unsightly dent damage, call the dent repair pros at Westbahn Auto Service in Houston, Texas, today. We can be reached at (832) 237-7600. Our technicians will remove the dents, restore the paint, and get your car looking like new once again!

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