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“I Heard . . . “

“I heard” is a great start to many sentences. For example, “I heard a great new song today,” or, “I heard the weather will be great for the picnic this weekend.” However, “I heard” is often a horrible beginning to a discussion or advice on auto body and collision repair. Instead of relying on rumors that may or may not be accurate–and could cost you–bring your damaged car to Westbahn Auto Service in Houston, TX.

Did You Hear One of These Myths?

Though we can’t cover every untruth or bit of misinformation passed along, we’ll outline a few of the more commonly repeated myths as a service to our current and potential customers. Accurate information can help you make informed decisions about collision repair.

I heard . . . You must use the body shop your insurance carrier selects. Although your insurer can make suggestions, including offering you the option of going to a facility with which they have an affiliation, you have the right to take your automobile to any collision repair shop you prefer.

I heard . . . Insurance covers the entire repair bill after a wreck. Even though you pay your required premium, your insurance company will not likely pay the full amount needed for collision repairs. That’s because most policies have a deductible, a set amount you pay out of pocket before the insurance carrier contributes to the repair total. Also, your coverage may be limited by the specifics of the policy you chose when you purchased it. Suppose you bought only the liability coverage mandated by law. In that case, you might not receive assistance in paying for a fender bender of your own making, such as bumping into a fence post in your yard. You’ll have to verify your policy details to determine what’s covered.

I heard . . . Dealerships make the best auto body repairs. While dealerships are great places, most reputable collision repair shops are staffed and equipped to order the specific parts needed for your car and to effect excellent repairs. Further, they’re often less expensive than dealerships.

I heard . . . I have to get three estimates before my insurer covers the damage. This, too, is a misconception. You don’t necessarily need to go from business to business to obtain a specified number of estimates. One is often enough, particularly when most carriers also make their estimate.

I heard . . . Payment for collision repair is absolutely a one-and-done deal. Indeed, you can’t “make up” things as you go (i.e., manufacturing additional non-existent damage claims later in an attempt to get more money). However, if underlying (hidden) damage is discovered during the repair process, it is possible to amend the original estimate such that your carrier covers the actual extent of the problem.

A Reliable Collision Repair Shop That’s No Myth

While inaccuracies may circulate about auto body repair and collision remedies, it’s no myth that Westbahn Auto Service is a reputable facility that you can trust. Let us take care of your major collision repairs or remove a simple dent.

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